If you have not seen this you really need to check it out. @dannymac1000 has spearheaded an inspired 3 Day FREE online summit called @brandedbywomen. He had an all-women team put this event together AND booked all women presenters too! You can sign up for free at https://brandedbywomen.com I am speaking on Friday giving tips on product selection as part of the content on Mastery. All 3 days are going to be jam-packed with inspiring women who are sharing their expertise and guidance. Every single presentation will be actionable content that will help you grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. We are covering a wide range of topics including how to pick your first product, how to rank effectively right now, how to use social platforms like Instagram for modern marketing, and even how to scale your business for an exit. Not to mention the amazing mindset presentations from women who have learned how to break through their own barriers and can help you do the same. Wherever you are in your journey, you are sure to find a presentation that will be spot on with a golden nugget that speaks to you. Remember, this conference is not just for ladies. It is just being presented by ladies so guys and gals come to hang out with us this week for never before shared content from industry experts for FREE. Remember you can sign up for free here: https://brandedbywomen.com/. It kicks off on 5/27/20 at 9am in your local time zone. Danny and the team worked incredibly hard so that you could get the content during your waking hours no matter where in the world you live. Please join us.


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