3 Years 9 Months Sober! Well it’s been a challenging month to say the least. But during times of adversity people’s true colors show and you really find out who the people are that truly care about you. I don’t have it all figured out. In fact I have absolutely no idea what the hell i’m doing. I don’t exactly know what the future hold for me. I’d like to think I have somewhat of and idea on which areas to peruse. But I most definitely know I won’t allow myself to take steps backwards to where I used to be. I wish everyone the very best in these times of the unknown. Now is the time to grow closer together and realize how good we truly have it. This to shall pass. Thank you as always to my amazing support system. Without you I am nothing! Cheers to another month sober! 🤘🏻


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So darling, let’s sleep with the lights on So the demons can find us and fight us when we sleep. So at least we won’t think about the way we’re fighting each other.


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